Today’s the day! Nat the Cat Takes a Nap, my very first early reader, is officially OUT. Starting now, you’ll be able to find the book on shelves near you.

I’ve been a fan of Ready-to-Read books for a long time, and creating them is an absolute blast. Because they are so explicitly aimed at helping turn kids into readers, each level of the Ready-to-Read program has its own set of “rules” or “restrictions,” and creating within these parameters often feels like solving an elaborate puzzle. I sometimes think of it as being put in a sandbox with a limited number of toys and tools. But when these creative limits are thoughtful and purposeful, they don’t actually feel limiting at all. Paradoxically, they are liberating. I think they allow you to tap into your creativity in a different sort of way than when you’ve got nothing holding you back. I wouldn’t want to ONLY work this way — but I truly love it, and plan to continue to. So, in addition to all my other books, keep an eye out for even more early readers from me. 🙂

And if you enjoy Nat’s first book — which, in case you missed it, was recently named a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection — you can already preorder his second, Nat the Cat Takes a Bath, which hits shelves in just a few months, on May 2nd. As always, if you preorder the book from my local independent bookstore, the Silver Unicorn, your copy (or copies!) of the book will be signed (or signed AND personalized, if you wish). Click HERE to head to my page at the Silver Unicorn’s site, where you can order and/or preorder all of my books.


~ Jarrett

2 thoughts on “NAT THE CAT TAKES A NAP pub day!

  1. I just want you to know I think you are absolutely amazing.
    My daughter was a former leukemia patient (6 months post treatment!!) and we spent a lot of time at home and I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you. For helping me teach my daughter at home and inspire imagination. I’m not sure that people get a lot of genuine compliments, but i always think it’s important to say thank you. ❤️

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