UPDATE: A Work in Progress Preorder Giveaway!

Have you preordered A Work In Progress yet? If so, make sure to enter the Preorder Giveaway by sending proof of your preorder to AWIPpreorder@gmail.com. And if you HAVEN’T preordered yet . . .

What are you waiting for?!

The Ask Me What I’m Reading stickers I was giving away to the book’s first batch of preorderers are now all gone. BUT, if you preorder now, you will still be entered to win a FREE virtual visit with me. Also, starting this month, the amount of money donated to the First Book for each preorder has been upped to FIVE BUCKS! In the hands of the wonderful, brilliant people at First Book, just THAT can do a tremendous amount of good.

So, if you’re planning on getting yourself a copy of A Work in Progress at some point, put in a preorder now — it’s not only the best way to support me and my work, but it will help First Book get all sorts of books into the hands of kids who need them most.

Click HERE to find a whole bunch of preorder links for the book.

And if you want your copy or copies of A Work in Progress signed (or signed and personalized) by me, make sure to preorder from my awesome local indie, the Silver Unicorn. Click HERE to do that!

And as always: THANKS!

~ Jarrett

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