2018 Global Read Aloud Finalist

“A boisterous balance of potty humor and geek pride in this rollicking young engineer’s adventure.” — Kirkus Reviews

“[A] strong entry into the growing genre of STEM adventures hits some of the hallmarks — like robots and DIY problem-solving skills — but adds a welcome dose of emotional authenticity . . . Readers may be drawn in by rogue robots and plentiful potty humor, but they’ll stay for the well-developed story and perceptive portrayal of kids whose passions aren’t always understood, even by their closest friends.” — Common Sense Media (5-star review)

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Soaring onto bookshelves February 19th, 2019!




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These early chapter books are scheduled to publish in spring and summer of 2020. They feature Geeger — a kind, well-meaning robot with some not-so-school-friendly tendencies who nonetheless enrolls at an elementary school.

More info coming soon!