The Hunger Heroes

Who ARE the Hunger Heroes?

The Hunger Heroes are superpowered taco ingredients who help the kids of their city whenever they need a snack!

Just look at these happy campers!

Below you will find information regarding each of the Hunger Heroes books, several Hunger Heroes-related activities, plus behind-the-scenes pictures/information regarding all the work that went into the creation of the Hunger Heroes series and books.

The Hunger Heroes: Missed Meal Mayhem

In this first installment of the Hunger Heroes graphic novel chapter book series, the Hunger Heroes – a quartet of superheroic taco ingredients – fly their taco-shaped hovercraft to James H. Pinchkid Elementary School. Once there, they must make their way into the building and all the way to Jason, avoiding hair-raising dodgeball games and rogue vacuum cleaners along the way. Jason hasn’t had a bite to eat since last night’s mac-and-cheese, and he’s having trouble concentrating in class. Can the Hunger Heroes get him a snack before his math test begins? (Best for Grades 1 to 5.)

The Hunger Heroes: Snack Cabinet Sabotage


In this second installment of the Hunger Heroes graphic novel chapter book series, the Hunger Heroes find themselves flying their taco-shaped hovercraft to the Richardson’s house, where babysitter Gabby is trapped without any snacks. What seems like a simple, straightforward mission gets increasingly complicated as one suspicious obstacle after the next gets in the heroes way. Is someone out to sabotage the Hunger Heroes? Can the crew rise to the occasion and get Gabby fed before she gets seriously HANGRY? (The Hunger Heroes: Snack Cabinet Sabotage is scheduled to publish on August 23rd, 2022.)


Jarrett’s artwork is known for its “thoughtful simplicity,” and this approach to visual expression very much informed the creation of the Hunger Heroes and their books. Jarrett intentionally designed the four main Hunger Heroes characters in a way that would both encourage and invite kids to imitate and learn from them (and then hopefully be inspired to create characters and comics of their own!). In the How to Draw activity sheets below, you can see how the Hunger Heroes are drawn using (1) basic shapes, (2) simple lines, and (3) letter forms. This same spirit and approach is used throughout the Hunger Heroes books.

Click HERE to download the above activity sheets.

The Making of The Hunger Heroes

In the weeks leading up to the release of the first book in the Hunger Heroes series, The Hunger Heroes: Missed Meal Mayhem, the superheroic taco ingredients took over Jarrett’s social media feeds. Jarrett invited readers behind the scenes of the book-making process, sharing pictures and information about the work that went into the creation of the series and this first book in particular. Jarrett shared all this in the hopes that it would be fun and interesting for his readers to see, and also in the hopes that educators, librarians, and parents might share the pictures and information with kids who might want to learn more about storytelling, book-making, and the creation of graphic novels. Below are most of Jarrett’s posts. You can find them all by searching the hashtag #TheHungerHeroes on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. [If you are reading this before October 26th, 2021, please know that this section is being regularly updated, as Jarrett shares more posts on social media.]

From Jarrett: “I got the idea for The Hunger Heroes at a conference in Kansas. I was hungry. We weren’t being taken to lunch for hours. ‘What if,’ I wondered, ‘my lunch could come to me?’ I made a doodle on a pad I’d taken from my hotel. A year later, I’d developed the doodles into characters. How did I spend that year? Filling notebooks/sketchpads with hundreds, even thousands, of drawings and notes. I began playing around with story ideas for the foursome, and this helped further develop each character, until they were sharp and clear both in my head and on the page.”
From Jarrett: “Of all The Hunger Heroes, Leonard changed the most during the creative process. Here you can see that evolution. He started as a blocky doodle on a piece of hotel stationary, then developed into a partially shredded rectangle, before I finally settled on a wedge shape. But his evolution still wasn’t complete. He was first oriented with the thicker side of the wedge for his base, but I ultimately thought that made this shaky, nervous character look too stable, so I flipped it upside down. As you can see, it took LOTS of experimentation before I landed on Leonard’s final form. But his nervous personality? THAT was there from the very beginning.”