Jarrett is known for his energetic, engaging, inspiring visits. His goal when working with kids is to not just leave them impressed by what HE can do, but — much more importantly — leave them impressed by what THEY can do. Jarrett believes that every kid is a reader, and that every kid is bursting with creativity and creative potential. His mission is to help them fall in love with books and reading, and give them the confidence, desire, and tools to share their creativity with the world.

Information regarding both virtual and in-person visits can be found below. If you would like any additional, more specific information regarding anything all, please contact Jarrett using the CONTACT form, linked to in the website menu above.

Virtual Visits

Jarrett plans to do mostly 30-minute virtual visits this upcoming school year. Longer visits are available, but will be worked out on a case-by-case basis. Jarrett can do his general visit (see below), or alter it according to your wants and needs.

General visit:

— 5-7 minutes: introduction and brief book talk
— 15 minutes: interactive “presentation,” discussing the book-making process, from idea to execution to revision (and more revision) to publication, including drawing demonstrations
— 8-10 minutes: student Q&A

Jarrett prefers to leave 1/4 or 1/3 of the visit time for student Q&A, in order to make sure he addresses topics your students are interested in and because he finds he can work in other material he wishes to share in response to most any question from a kid. Student questions can be compiled and sent to Jarrett ahead of time or asked on-the-spot (Jarrett has no preference).

Some other options for Jarrett’s visits (which he will do instead of the above 15-minute portion) include read-alouds and more in-depth discussions of particular aspects of the creative process: drawing, comic-making, character creation, story ideas, story structure, etc. (If you’d like to hear more options, or have ideas of your own, please ask/share.)

Jarrett also conducts longer, 45-minute or 60-minute workshops related to specific aspects of writing, drawing, and storytelling. More information about these workshops is available upon request.

In-Person Visits

Jarrett is booking in-person visits beginning in January 2022. Once an in-person visit has been booked, Jarrett typically works with the school to plan the specifics of his visit. He has a variety of things he can do, depending on the number of and ages of the kids he is working with. Typically, Jarrett starts the day with a larger assembly (or assemblies), laying the groundwork for the day ahead. He will then meet with smaller groups, conducting workshops on particular aspects of the creative process (see the above list for some of the possibilities there). Jarrett is happy to just do assemblies, or just do workshops, but has found that the combination of both — and the seeing of kids both in a large group and then a smaller, more personal setting — provides for the most productive visit. Jarrett is also always happy to sign copies of his books, either with the kids or separately.

**Jarrett lives just outside of Boston, and regularly visit schools in the New England area. If your classroom is located further away, please still feel free to reach out about a possible in-person visit — Jarrett travels around the country throughout the year, and just might be coming to a town or city near you soon!**

Book Orders

If you are planning to order or offer Jarrett’s books, a document containing brief write-ups of each of his books can be sent along. (This information is often used by schools to create an order form.) Jarrett encourages schools to work with local, independent bookstores for such sales, if possible (if you need help locating indie bookstores in your area, is a great resource). Jarrett is happy to communicate directly with the bookseller, if that is helpful. Books can also be ordered through Jarrett’s publisher, Simon & Schuster. Contact information for an S&S educational sales representative can be provided upon request.

To book a visit, or ask any questions you might have, please contact Jarrett using the CONTACT form, linked to in the website menu above, or simply click HERE.

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