“Jarrett Lerner is a true champion for kids and literacy. Our Grade 5 students and staff were treated to the most inspiring Skype visit with Jarrett. His growth mindset language set the stage for a session that empowered our young learners and helped them to understand the writing process. His language (“tinkering with words”) and message was completely aligned with our work and the direction we are moving in as a school. Our kids were captivated and our teachers excited! Jarrett’s easy going manner and sense of humor really hooked our kids and left them buzzing with ideas and inspiration for telling their own stories.” — Tracy Tuttosi, Elementary School Librarian in Okotoks, Alberta

I was thrilled to have my 5th and 6th grade language arts classes Skype with Jarrett Lerner. Lerner was engaging, encouraging, and inspiring. My teaching partner and I were also inspired! His sense of humor, coupled with his willingness to answer as many student questions as possible, made it feel as though he were a long-standing member of our classroom community. Lerner shared his idea journal, stories from his childhood, as well as his writing process with my crew. If you have a chance to Skype with Jarrett Lerner, do it! He brings his A-game. — Julie Pepper, 5th Grade ELA/Social Studies Teacher in Davis, CA

Our 5th graders were so excited to Skype with Jarrett Lerner, and the experience was AWESOME! He read aloud one of his favorite picture books, gave us some books recommendations that we didn’t know about (but immediately ordered), and returned the favor by sharing some of our favorite reads with him! The kids were so excited to see that he was writing down their recommendations, and enthusiastically agreed that another Skype — this time to talk writing — was definitely needed! The kids felt honored that a published author would take time out of his busy schedule to talk with them, and the fact that he was having as much fun as they were made it all the more thrilling! Can’t wait until next time! — Lorie Barber, 5th Grade Teacher in Lisle, IL

I love visiting classrooms and libraries, both in person and virtually via Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime.

If you’re reading EngiNerds, or are looking for an author to discuss reading, writing, and publishing more generally with your students, I offer FREE 30-minute virtual visits. I am happy to spend that time answering students’ questions, whatever they may be.

Longer sessions include demonstrations and more in-depth discussions, and with sufficient time for preparation, can be tailored to target a class’s specific interests or area of study.

I live just outside of Boston, and regularly visit schools in the New England area. If your classroom is located further away, still feel free to reach out about a possible in-person visit — I travel frequently, and just might be coming to a town or city near you soon!

To schedule a visit, send me a message via my CONTACT page, or get in touch on Twitter at @Jarrett_Lerner.

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Discussing where story ideas come from.
Giving young writers a peek at one of my messy, doodle-filled first drafts.
Reading a passage from EngiNerds.
Discussing — and then demonstrating — the wonders of duct tape.