“A boisterous balance of potty humor and geek pride in this rollicking adventure…”

With less than two months to go until the first book of the EngiNerds series hits shelves, reviews are starting to roll in. Here’s one from Kirkus Reviews:


A gang of science nerds unwittingly unleashes a squadron of destructive robots and must engineer a way to save the town in Lerner’s debut novel.

When a mysterious box appears outside Kennedy’s house, he enlists the help of best friend and fellow EngiNerd Dan to sift through the metal parts and hardware. Together, they piece together a polite but ravenous robot named Greeeg. The robot eats all the food in the house—refusing only radishes—and Kennedy discovers that Greeeg is both insatiable and unmanageable. The potential for catastrophe is fully realized when Greeeg propulsively “disposes” (that’s robot defecation) tiny, window-shattering, brown-black cubes. Is the robot from Grandpa K., Kennedy’s hero and a former engineer? Is it coincidence that his best friend also hates radishes? Unfortunately, Kennedy isn’t the only one with a robot problem. Eighteen bullet-farting robots storm town, and the EngiNerds must band together and use ingenuity to prevent the robots from consuming and destroying everything in their wake. Sci-fi readers will enjoy the science and tinkering, but dangerous excreta is pure schoolboy horseplay. The story includes clever duct-tape solutions, the construction of catapults from disposable chopsticks, and a good, old-fashioned water fight in this action-packed celebration of nerd culture. The absence of ethnic markers implies that Kennedy is white, but the surnames of the EngiNerds suggest a diverse assemblage.

A boisterous balance of potty humor and geek pride in this rollicking young engineer’s adventure, the first of two. (Science fiction. 8-12)

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ENGINERDS cover art is here!

I’m beyond thrilled to finally share the cover art for ENGINERDS! This first book in the series hits shelves Fall of 2017, with sequels to follow.

If you’ve always wondered what might happen if a horde of comestible-obsessed, dangerously flatulent robots was unleashed on your town, THIS is the book for you.

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If you couldn’t tell by the all-caps title and the trio of exclamation points, I’m very, very, very excited to finally announce the sale of my first two novels to Simon & Schuster’s Children’s Division. A big, heartfelt thanks to all who have encouraged and supported me. Stay tuned — more information coming soon!

“Seasonturn” to be published in Stone Crowns Magazine

I am pleased to announce that “Seasonturn,” a short story of mine, will be published in the next issue of Stone Crowns Magazine, due out in May. If you’ve never heard of Stone Crowns Magazine, you should check it out immediately by clicking right here. The magazine’s mission and philosophy are inspiring, refreshing, and desperately needed in today’s literary world. Read past issues and follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter in order to keep in the loop about all the future ones.


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