Get to Know… Paula Chase!

My name is… Paula but once people get to know me (and if I like them) they call me P.

I am a… Virgo and proud of it. I’ve been (mildly) obsessed with astrology since I was about 11 years old and have now infected both my daughters. We’re always reppin’ for our signs, which I allow even though everyone knows Team Virgo is best.

As a kid, I was… quiet but not shy. Which means I was never the “Hi, I’m…” kid but if you talked to me I’d engage. Quiet kids are sometimes misinterpreted as snobby. The world would be pretty chatty if everyone were a “Hi, I’m…” person.

Writing is… an outlet for me. Whether it’s a professional memo or a note to my kids asking them to unload the dishwasher signed “the management,” it’s how I best convey my mood at the minute.

Reading is… an escape. Given the time, I can inhale a book (regardless of size) in a single day. And because I rarely have time, I tend to binge read the way a lot of people binge watch shows. I love falling into the rabbit hole and getting lost inside.

Books are… a personal choice. I’ve always loved being in a library or bookstore and reading flap copy to decide if a book speaks to me. Since becoming published, one of the toughest things has been the circus barker mentality that seems expected of authors. It’s like Survivor Author Edition where people come up and expect you to justify why they should buy your book or get voted off the Island. That goes against the grain of who I am as a reader. Pick it up if it interests you. Pass it by if it doesn’t.

Did you know… the only constant in life is change. My dad said this to me when I was in my early 20s and it was one of those light bulb moments of truth. Change can suck sometimes, but knowing that it’s something that’s going to ebb and flow regardless makes it easier to swing with it.

You can find me… on Twitter at @paulachase, on Facebook at @paulachasebooks and at my website: I know using both my names can be confusing, but apparently Paula Chase is a guitarist and owns that URL, so…

. . .

Below are some reviews of Paula’s MG novel So Done, which hits shelves on August 14 (tomorrow!):

“A beautifully written and achingly realistic portrayal of the growing pains even the best friendships often must endure. Tai and Mila’s journey felt as real and messy and ultimately hopeful as all true friendships are.” — Jo Knowles, award-winning author of See You At Harry’sStill A work In Progress and the forthcoming Where the Heart Is (2019)

“Chase vividly conjures the triumphs, tensions, and worries percolating in the girls’ low-income neighborhood. Tai’s exuberance forms an effective foil to Mila’s internal turmoil, and the building anticipation about who will be chosen for the program and whether Mila will divulge her secret will keep readers turning pages.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“The protagonists tell their stories in memorable voices that ring true to their characters…both Mila and Tai are young women that readers will root for.” — The Horn Book

“An honest coming-of-age tale with two different girls dealing with real issues, crushes, and finding themselves…Chase pulls no punches when it comes to emotional honesty… The dual-perspective narrative tackles serious subjects through an adolescent lens” — ALA Booklist

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