Get to Know… Tara Lazar!

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My name is… Tara Lazar. Not Tara Laserbeam, but that would be pretty awesome if it were.

I am a… weird person. At least that’s what my kids say.

As a kid, I was… a budding inventor, a neighborhood entrepreneur, a creative writer, a voracious reader, weird and odd, loud and annoying, a fiercely loyal friend.

Writing is… the best way to be me.

Reading is… as necessary as cheese. (I cannot live without either.)

Books are… my favorite friend.

Did you know… I used to be a competitive figure skater? I got married in Hawaii? I have two daughters and a hamster? I have Multiple Sclerosis? I choose cheese over chocolate? I despise coffee? I live in New Jersey? I make the best meatballs in the world? I have a five-foot stuffed purple orangutan named Norman who lives on my stairway?

You can find me… somewhere in my imagination.

. . .

When Tara isn’t somewhere in her imagination, you can find her online at and on Twitter at @taralazar. Below are her books — first the covers of those that have been published, then the titles of four more that are coming soon.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 5.34.21 PM.png

28 thoughts on “Get to Know… Tara Lazar!

  1. Wonderful insights – now I know why I don’t see you hanging by the coffee urns at conferences, Tara! Thanks for all you do to support Kidlit!

  2. Short, sweet and insightful. Love Tara’s books but I can’t comprehend not liking coffee. Still, she’s a great writer.

  3. You had me at cheese but I would ask that you reconsider on chocolate and coffee. These are the three Cs that make life worth living. Thanks for always giving us a great boost of inspiration and creativity (another important C).

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