REVENGE OF THE ENGINERDS pre-order giveaway!!!

Pre-order giveaway.png

Pre-ordering books is an AWESOME way to support authors and illustrators you love. It signals to publishers that you’re excited about their books, and lets brick-and-mortar bookstores know how many copies they should order ahead of time and then expect to keep in stock.

To show my appreciation for such support, I am doing a Revenge of the EngiNerds pre-order giveaway! All you have to do is send proof of your pre-order to, and you’ll be automatically entered to win a class set (that’s 25 copies!) of the paperback edition of EngiNerds when it hits shelves in February!

And guess what? If you pre-order from an independent bookseller your name will be entered into the drawing TWICE!

Questions? Feel free to reach out here, via my Contact form, or on Twitter!

THANK YOU for the support!

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