The ROGUE ROBOT COLLECTION — Now in Paperback!

Do you know a young reader who might like a series of books about farting robots? What about brilliant, problem-solving kids? Or maybe epic, world-saving water balloon battles? What about canine-worshipping extraterrestrials?

If any or ALL of these things sound up that young reader’s alley — or if you think they just might like some action-packed, mystery-tinged stories told with a whole lot of humor and heart — you should know that as of today, the boxed set of my EngiNerds series of Middle Grade novels — the Rogue Robot Collection — is now available in paperback! You can get your set wherever books are sold. And if you don’t see it on the shelves of your local independent bookstore, ask a bookseller to order it in for you. They can, and will — and may even order some extra sets for other customers to consider picking up! As usual, if you want your copies signed and/or personalized, you can order from MY local indie, the Silver Unicorn. Click HERE to do that.

EngiNerds, the first book in the EngiNerds series, was my first published book. It’s been out for about five years now. It was my introduction to the kid lit world, and allowed me to meet so many people, many of which have become dear friends. It’s also the book of mine that I most often hear was responsible for turning a kid into a reader — and turning kids into readers is the main goal of my career. And so, while I’m here, I’d just like to take another opportunity to thank every single human being (educator, librarian, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, etc.) who put EngiNerds and its sequels in the hands of a kid, and to thank all the kids who gave the books a read. I hope today’s release of the paperback boxed set helps me turn even more kids into readers, and offers me the possibility to make even more friends.

~ Jarrett


Earlier this week, on Tuesday, February 23rd, this came into the world:

The Rogue Robot Collection is a boxed set containing hardcover copies of all three books in the EngiNerds trilogy: EngiNerds, Revenge of the EngiNerds, and The EngiNerds Strike Back. Now, with a single purchase, you can satisfy all of your farting robot needs! But seriously: I hope you’ll consider the boxed set as a gift for any kids in your life who enjoy silly stories with a dash of heart a whole lot of adventure.


~ Jarrett

Preorder Giveaways!

The next few weeks are going to be a busy and exciting one for me. And, not only because of the holidays — but because, over the course of the next eight weeks, I’ve got THREE books coming out! The first, Give This Book a Title, is my very first activity book. That comes out on December 15th. Just a few weeks later, on January 5th, the second book in my Geeger the Robot early chapter book series, Geeger the Robot: Lost and Found, pubs. After a month later, the third novel in my EngiNerds series, The EngiNerds Strike Back, hits shelves.

To thank my fans and supporters, I’ve launched preorder giveaways for each of these releases:

— If you preorder Give This Book a Title, you can be entered to win a custom work of art by me — to be clear, that’s a work of art that YOU get to customize. I’ll work with you to come up with and execute something you want, either for yourself or someone in your life.

— If you preorder Geeger the Robot: Lost and Found, you can be entered to win 50 (yep — that’s fifty) copies of the first book in the Geeger the Robot series, Geeger the Robot Goes to School. And every single one of those copies will be signed and doodled in!

— If you preorder The EngiNerds Strike Back, you can be entered to win 25 copies of each of the first two books in the EngiNerds series, EngiNerds and Revenge of the EngiNerds. And as above, all of those copies will be signed and doodled in!

How do you enter these giveaways? Just send proof of preorder to If you preorder multiple titles, you can send proof separately or together — doesn’t matter! We’ll figure it out. And, as always, if you do your preordering from an independent bookseller, you’ll be entered into the giveaway for that title TWICE!

Preordering books is hugely, HUGELY helpful for creators. So to all of those who have and plan to preorder: thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

~ Jarrett

Sleeker! Lighter! Cheaper!

Revenge paperback.JPG

If you simply haven’t been able to bring yourself to pay hardcover price for a book that has not one, but TWO farting creatures on the cover, you’re in luck! Starting today, you can get yourself the paperback edition of Revenge of the EngiNerds. It’s sleeker, lighter, and cheaper — but I promise, it contains the same amount of fart jokes as the hardcover version. Though, I suppose, it does contain more fart jokes per ounce . . . And more fart jokes per square inch . . .

In any case, the book is now available wherever books are sold. So if you’re interested, head to your local bookstore or preferred online retailer and check it out!


~ Jarrett


If you follow me over on the social medias, you might’ve seen that the paperback edition of REVENGE OF THE ENGINERDS recently became available for preorder.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 9.12.12 AM.png
Sure, it doesn’t come out for another five months — but imagine how happy you’ll be when, in the depths of winter, a slim little package shows up on your doorstep, and you open it to gaze upon a little green tooting alien. Won’t you be glad you preordered? 🙂

Below is a link to the Indie Bound preorder page, but you can preorder the book anywhere books are sold — including directly through your local independent bookstore!

Indie Bound


~ Jarrett

EngiNerds 3!!!

In case you missed it over on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, I’ve got book news! The EngiNerds series has been extended!

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 4.25.25 PM.png

Since the very beginning, even before I sold the manuscript that would become EngiNerds (it originally had a much wordier — and much worse — title), I envisioned this story arc in three installments, so I’m very excited to get a chance to complete that vision and share it with all of you. And if you or your young readers were left upset or desperate by the ending of Revenge of the EngiNerds, you can rest assured that you won’t be left hanging. Well, you will be, actually, for a little while longer — until the book comes out.

I’ll be sharing more information about Book 3 in the coming weeks and months. But for now, I just want to say THANK YOU to every person who has read and/or shared these books of mine. If not for the support of all of YOU, this contract wouldn’t have landed on my desk yesterday afternoon.

So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

~ Jarrett

Robots, Clouds, Stars… and Farts

Good morning! Revenge of the EngiNerds comes out in a little more than a week, and I’d like to share with you a few things about it…

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 7.13.38 AM.png

Because yes, the book IS about a rogue farting robot and the hunt to find it before it does some SERIOUS damage.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 7.16.50 AM.png

But the book tackles some other, “bigger” issues and ideas, as well. It tackles several questions about friendship. Such as:

If you care for someone, do their problems become your own? What do you do when a friend is set on doing something wrong? How do you navigate a disagreement that splits a group of friends? Can two people grow up without also growing apart?

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 7.15.56 AM

There are also a lot of clouds in the book, as well as a relatively extended discussion of the vastness of the universe, and what the contemplation of that vastness does to the contemplator.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 7.46.32 AM


Because clouds and the universe are things I often think about. And by including them in these books, I hope to encourage kids to think about them too—to appreciate the beauty and wonder available to them every day, free of charge.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 7.08.49 AM

I viscerally remember the first time, as a kid, that I actually attempted to mentally grasp the inconceivable hugeness of the universe. It made me giddy, and filled me with equal parts fear and awe.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 7.08.27 AM

It also fundamentally changed the way I thought about myself and my life—this itsy-bitsy blip of time I get to spend on our cosmic speck of a planet. For some, these thoughts lead to nihilistic conclusions. For me, they inspire the opposite.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 7.10.39 AM

They make the miracle of life all the more miraculous, our uniqueness all the more precious. They can also inspire a hefty dose of humility, and empathy for the billions of miraculous, precious lives we get to spend our time here with.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 7.09.39 AM

And so, I hope Revenge of the EngiNerds inspires readers to take a second every now and again to ponder the clouds drifting overhead, and that they sometimes try to do the impossible, and fit the universe in their heads.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 7.09.10 AM

And I hope they enjoy all the fart jokes, too.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 7.14.15 AM

~ Jarrett

. . .

The images above are either stock photos, available for free use, or taken from NASA’s archive. The cover of Revenge of the EngiNerds was illustrated by Serge Seidlitz, and the black-and-white interior illustration is from the Dutch edition of EngiNerds, titled RoboNerds, illustrated by Kees de Boer.

ARCs and ARC-Sharing Groups

The other day, I found a package on my doorstep. For better or worse, there was not a farting robot tucked inside of it. But the contents of the package were still pretty exciting…

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 4.02.34 PM.png

What are these colorful, solidly bound beauties? ARCs! Which is an acronym for Advance Reviewer Copy, which is a physical copy of a book that has been printed several months before its release date so that certain people (professional reviewers, for instance) can experience the book just as other readers will once it is officially for sale.

In addition to sending ARCs to the professional reviewers mentioned above, publishers typically ship a handful of copies to the book’s author. The author then has several options. They can:

  1. clutch the ARCs to their chest and cry tears of joy;
  2. anxiously scrutinize every page of the ARCs for typos, less-than-perfect phrasings, or awkward bits of typesetting;
  3. send the ARCs on tour!

I could talk (at great length) about the first two options, but this blog post is about the third. So: what’s ARC tour? And why should an author consider sending their ARCs on tour?

ARC-sharing groups are collections of mostly educators and librarians (though there are also some authors involved!) who, after obtaining an ARC, pass it around from one member to the next and, using Twitter or Voxer or good old-fashioned Post-It notes, discuss it, share it, and review it. ARC-sharing groups get ARCs in a variety of ways – at conferences (where publishers often give away ARCs of upcoming releases), by asking publishers and authors directly (though politely!) for ARCs, or, increasingly, by having authors offer ARCs up to them.

As far as I can tell, the first official, organized ARC-sharing group was #BookJourney, and you can read more about how they got started, how they operate, and many of the amazing benefits of being part of such a group in this great post on Phil Bildner’s blog.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 8.04.07 PM.png

I’d also highly suggest checking out this more recent post on the Nerdy Book Club blog, in which members of #BookExpedition discuss their history and experience as a group.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 8.04.21 PM.png

Now, AUTHORS – you might be wondering why in the world you’d want to send your book on an ARC tour. Isn’t it just giving all these educators and librarians a FREE sneak peek of your book?

Well, yes. Yes, it is. And that is AWESOME. Because it’s those same educators and librarians who might then add your book to their collections. Who might pull it off the shelf and booktalk it to their classes or reading groups. Who will now know what you and your work are all about so that when they encounter a kid who’s looking for or needs a book just like yours, they know exactly where to find it. Also, the members of these ARC-sharing groups are some of the most social media savvy people on earth. Sending an ARC on tour with them is guaranteed to get your book in front of tons more eyeballs than it would on your shelf (or clutched to your chest, where not even YOU can see it through your tears of joy).

And whether or not you’ve got an ARC to send to any of the people below, I suggest you follow every single one of them, and make them a part of your greater Personal Learning Network. The members of these groups are among the most devoted and innovative educators and librarians I know. As I’ve said about a million and one times before, children’s book creators and children’s educators are colleagues. At the end of the day, our core mission is the same – to both better and enrich the lives of kids, through caring connections and through BOOKS. And sure, sending an ARC on tour can benefit your book’s sales – but more importantly, it’s equipping the people who are with kids every day with another tool to reach, engage, interest, and excite them.

Below is an alphabetized list of all the ARC-sharing groups I currently know of, along with directions for how to get in touch with their members and get your ARCs on tour with them. But more groups are being created all the time — #LitReviewCrew was literally put together while I was working on this post. I’ll keep updating this list as more groups are formed and/or I learn about others. Questions? Reach out to me or, better yet, ask the members of the groups themselves!

(And a quick parenthetical aside for anyone interested in starting a new group: please know that publishers typically don’t give authors very many ARCs. Like, they might only get one or two. If asking an author directly for an ARC, it is best to do it privately, and if that’s not possible, it doesn’t hurt to let them know that you know the above, and understand that they therefore may not be able to send an ARC your way.)

#BookAllies – Educators that are allies for their students. Our group focuses on middle grade books. Authors can DM @4Dlovestoread, @DanaWillRead, @admk5library, @eforsythe21, @CangroLib, @Ms_Smith6, @MrsMillersELA, @MJBuckley4, @Molson414, or @cat_books_.

#BookExcursion – “Authors can search the hashtag and reach out to any of the members by sending a DM, then we’ll send an address where the ARC can be sent to begin its excursion. Members include: @lauramossa, @DrLMaucione, @Teacher_AWebb, and more.”

#BookExpedition – “Authors can reach out via DM to @KReilley5, @barberchicago, @erinvarley, @Caranewman12, @CherylTeaches, @patrickontwit, @SusanLSullivan, @mgrossoauthor, @LauraShovan, @brooksbenjamin, @Wiggins_Reads, or @mckenrickreads and we’ll reply with an address.”

#BookHike – “Authors can reach out via DM to any of the members and we will reply with an address. We love all books: picture, MG, & YA. Members are @zonderclassnews, @kirstenbiehl, @MsHolstine, @shender503, and @OneTeachersTake!”

#BookJaunt – “We have an age range in educators. Authors can use #bookjaunt or DM @brittyc1928, @mbiehl1, @BrandyBaxter1, @lit_learn_love, @KristySkoglund, @shawkl77, @OrangeTeacher2, @scout615, or @mrshull6.”

#BookJourney – Members include: @sfillner, @hansonhallway, @teachreadrepeat, @Wklybkspotlight, @Beth_Parmer, @Kpteach5, @literacybigkids, @mrsapia_teach, and @MsAPlusTeacher. Any of them can be reached via DM. Their focus is mostly PB, transitional chapter books, and MG, based on the age ranges that they teach.

#BookJunkies – “We have been reading YA and MG, but would all love PBs as well. Reach out to @maestraw.”

#BookOdyssey – “We are librarians and educators who love to read picture books through YA. Feel free to DM any of our members: @MrsB_reads, @betweenmargins, @LiteracyJunky, @msmarythomas, @IowaAmber, @MsG_PagebyPage, and @ashhickeyread.”

#BookPortage – A Canadian ARC-sharing group. Contact Kathie MacIsaac (@kmcmac74). Other members include: @bibliosmartgirl and @IceNIN75.

#BookPosse – “We are up for Picture book thru YA. We use mostly PB and MG with our student populations, but we love to read/review ’em all! Members include: @CynthiaSchwind, @HopewellLibrary, @mrsbabichkbk, @mmestallard, @Melady2000, @hmspires, @kdm_guybrarian, @MrsPogal, @jubileestories, @Pittstop_in_501, @Helen00402749, and @krstnktng.”

#BookRelays – Reads MG and YA. Contact @mrzholden, @jillbless, @JanaTheTeacher, @Teachr4, or @books_ghealy.

#BookSojourn – “Authors can reach out to @jenbozyk, @jdsniadecki, @SawyersShari, @tannertheteach, @cschliep4, @TeamRo5th, @MrsShadish, @creyer3, @literacy_lovin, @SadieFritz2, @sarah_aronson, or @mrskavanaugh5th either by sending a DM or tagging us.  We have educators in all levels.”

#BookSquad – “Authors can go to the hashtag and reach out to any of the members by sending a DM, then we’ll send an address to where the ARC can be sent to begin its adventure!”

#BookTalkers – “A group of coaches and teachers for grades K through 6 and with contacts across K through 12. Members include @ureadIread @huntingtonteach @kristen_ruso @mblairteach8506 @ccvagrimes @flynn_catherine and more!”

#BookTrek – Authors can find/contact members by searching the hashtag. Members include: @AppleMurphy22, @BarbInNebraska, and @cupcake_savant.

#BookVoyage – “We usually read MG but also some YA! DM: @KirchnerJulie, @mrsmontjoyreads, @corrinaaallen, @ela_everyday, @smilngbec, @dgoldenreads, @JessSamuel2010, @MrsGettler, or @mrs_cmt1489.”

#collaBOOKation – Authors can contact @mgbookjunkie. Other members include: @amysoupy and @DrMayesElma.

#KidLitAlliance – “A diverse group of educators, librarians and authors excited to read all kid lit, PB thru YA. Members include: members are @weknowreaders @LoganTCES @donna_rineholt @acraftyarab @sakraal @YouAreMeAreYou @wlingle @CPravata @techie_denise @MsBlyereads @NicolleKR.”

#KidLitExchange – “We are a network of kid lit reviewers sharing ARCs of kid lit and reviewing EVERYWHERE — we take submissions from authors and publishers!” Check out their website ( or contact them using their handle (@kidlitexchange).

#LitReviewCrew – Search the hashtag or tweet directly at their group account: @litreviewcrew.

#read2nite – “We’re a group of educators ranging from elementary through middle grade, and we love to share and promote picture books through middle grade novels. DM @DrMayesElma for an address where to send books.”

#YellowBookRoad – “Authors can reach out to @rach3liblady, @megankohlman, @rbharder, @mrskaufman1st, @SJNeill13, @janealgray, @AmandaBuethe, or @TonyaFoster3 by DM or tagging us. We teach all levels, 1st through HS, and are interested in all levels of books.”

There are also a bunch of awesome KID reviewers of kid lit out there. For instance:



I’ll keep updating this list as I learn of more groups or more groups get created. Also, if members of any of the above groups want me to edit or add information to their little blurb, let me know!

~ Jarrett

REVENGE OF THE ENGINERDS pre-order giveaway!!!

Pre-order giveaway.png

Pre-ordering books is an AWESOME way to support authors and illustrators you love. It signals to publishers that you’re excited about their books, and lets brick-and-mortar bookstores know how many copies they should order ahead of time and then expect to keep in stock.

To show my appreciation for such support, I am doing a Revenge of the EngiNerds pre-order giveaway! All you have to do is send proof of your pre-order to, and you’ll be automatically entered to win a class set (that’s 25 copies!) of the paperback edition of EngiNerds when it hits shelves in February!

And guess what? If you pre-order from an independent bookseller your name will be entered into the drawing TWICE!

Questions? Feel free to reach out here, via my Contact form, or on Twitter!

THANK YOU for the support!


In case you missed it, I recently revealed the cover of REVENGE OF THE ENGINERDS, the sequel to ENGINERDS, on Twitter and Instagram. Here it is, in all its fart-tastic glory:


I once again feel so, so lucky to have the incredibly talented (and utterly hilarious!) Serge Seidlitz doing the art for these books.

As you can see, there are some new faces in this next nerdy adventure. The girl front and center is Mikaela Harrington, and that green-tinged guy up top — well, I think you can see what he is.

Don’t worry, though: all your favorites will be back in this next installment — Dan, Jerry, John Henry Knox, and, of course, Kitty the dog.

REVENGE OF THE ENGINERDS hits shelves on February 19th, 2019, but you can preorder now wherever books are sold. Some links to do so are below.


Barnes & Noble


Porter Square Books

The Brain Lair Bookstore