Get to Know… Sarah Lynne Reul!

My name is…

new_watermark_with_subtitle.pngI am… an author/illustrator/animator with three books that debuted this year: THE BREAKING NEWS, ALLIE ALL ALONG & PET THE PETS.


I’m also a maker of tiny things, a person who draws on photos, a 2D animator, a mom (to two kids), a kid (to my mom!), a friend, an explorer, a connector of worlds.


As a kid, I was… super interested in animals, reading, singing and making stuff.

Writing is… a way to process my world; a place to consider, wonder and imagine… “what if…?

Reading is… a way for me to gain perspective; to learn, explore, think and feel.

Books are… the best way to hold a world in your hands. They’re a place to escape, a comfort to hold, a way to connect; a practice zone for meeting the dragons of fear, doubt, loss and disappointment.

Did you know… sometimes the biggest problems can be solved by focusing on one small thing at a time?

SLR_tiny desk setup.jpg

You can find me… making tiny things, drawing on photos and connecting with friends on Twitter @sarahlynnereul, Instagram @thereul and on my website,

I’m also planning to do more school visits in the upcoming year, so I hope you’ll be able to find me presenting at your local school in the near future!

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