In case you missed it, I recently revealed the cover of REVENGE OF THE ENGINERDS, the sequel to ENGINERDS, on Twitter and Instagram. Here it is, in all its fart-tastic glory:


I once again feel so, so lucky to have the incredibly talented (and utterly hilarious!) Serge Seidlitz doing the art for these books.

As you can see, there are some new faces in this next nerdy adventure. The girl front and center is Mikaela Harrington, and that green-tinged guy up top — well, I think you can see what he is.

Don’t worry, though: all your favorites will be back in this next installment — Dan, Jerry, John Henry Knox, and, of course, Kitty the dog.

REVENGE OF THE ENGINERDS hits shelves on February 19th, 2019, but you can preorder now wherever books are sold. Some links to do so are below.


Barnes & Noble


Porter Square Books

The Brain Lair Bookstore


2 thoughts on “REVENGE OF THE ENGINERDS Cover Reveal

  1. I’m inspired and impressed by your boundless creative energy and commitment to middle-grade readers, writers and educators! …Congrats on your upcoming book. I love the cover!

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