Kirkus Reviews’ Review of A WORK IN PROGRESS

In case you missed it, Kirkus Reviews — one of the book industry’s top review publications — just printed its review of A Work in Progress. They said some pretty wonderful things.

I especially love how they mentioned that the book will help many readers feel seen, and that it will help others better see them. And, I mean, “very affecting,” “powerful,” “successful” — what more could an author ask for?!

Thank you, Kirkus! I’ve pasted their review in its entirety below.

And just a reminder: A Work in Progress hits shelves on May 2nd (less than two months from today!), but you can preorder RIGHT NOW wherever books are sold. Preorder from my local independent bookstore, the Silver Unicorn, if you want your copy (or copies) of the book signed (or signed and personalized). Click HERE to do that!


~ Jarrett

. . .

Please note: advanced review copies (or ARCs) rarely contain final artwork. This is the case for A Work in Progress. The majority of the art in the book’s ARC is outlined and unshaded. This is why, in their review, Kirkus says, “All characters appear White.” In the book’s final art, several characters have skin tones of various shades.

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