The EngiNerds — err, ROBONerds — Head to Holland!

Did you know that the Dutch love farting robots?

Well, I’ve got PROOF:


That right there is the cover of the Dutch edition of EngiNerds! As you can see, they changed the title to RoboNerds and made the bot a little more sinister-looking than the one on the American cover. I love that illustrator Kees de Boer left some of the EngiNerds’s tools lying around, that he so perfectly captured Kitty the dog’s nervous obliviousness — and, of course, that he installed an air horn in the robot’s backside. That is NOT a detail from the book, but I couldn’t be happier that Kees took some artistic liberties and included it.

Seeing a foreign cover for the first time is hugely exciting — sort of like experiencing the thrill of watching your book get closer and closer to publication all over again. Only this time, obviously, you can’t understand a word of it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go ask my editor if we can add a line about the bots’ bullhorn bums in all future editions of EngiNerds.

~ Jarrett

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