Get to Know… Kara LaReau!

My name is… Kara LaReau (pronounced KARE-uh la-ROW for the uninitiated).

I am a… children’s book writer, editor, and mom, not always in that order.

As a kid, I was… funny, smart, snarky, sneaky, curious, anxious, weird, dramatic, imaginative, and never without a book. (Pretty much the way I am now.)

Writing is… the hardest, most fun job in the world.

Reading is… one way I improve my writing (writing ALL THE TIME and sharing my work with others are two more ways).

Books are… a great way to entertain and educate ourselves, a way to escape, and how we learn to empathize.

Did you know… I also have a full-time job as a writer at Hasbro? I write package copy and rules for many of their games.

You can find me… writing, working, hanging out with my friends and family (preferably at the beach), drinking too much coffee, and at my website,

. . .

Kara LaReau was born and raised in Connecticut. She received her Masters in Fine Arts in Writing, Literature, and Publishing from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts and later worked as an editor at Candlewick Press and at Scholastic Press. She is the author of picture books such as UGLY FISH, illustrated by Scott Magoon, and GOOD NIGHT LITTLE MONSTERS, illustrated by Brian Won; an award-winning chapter book series called THE INFAMOUS RATSOS, illustrated by Matt Myers; and a middle-grade trilogy called THE UNINTENTIONAL ADVENTURES OF THE BLAND SISTERS, illustrated by Jen Hill. Kara lives in Providence, Rhode Island with her husband and son and their cat.

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