Get to Know… Elizabeth Eulberg!

My name is… Elizabeth Eulberg.

I am a… connoisseur of cheese and cupcakes, a lover of long walks around London and the Green Bay Packers, an avid singer of karaoke and dancing around to boy bands while cleaning, a player of the piano, guitar, clarinet, AND drums, the proud mother of a stuffed Baby Yoda. Oh, I also write books.

Elizabeth’s next novel, The Best Worst Summer, comes out on May 4th!

As a kid, I was… not the best student. Or reader. I was put in remedial reading in first grade and really struggled with school. I remember feeling very frustrated that my friends could easily pick up reading while I couldn’t. In second grade, I had to take a test, where we found out I have a couple learning differences, including dyslexia. Around fourth grade, I really started to love to read and became a stronger student thanks to my mom and teachers. I ended up graduating high school and college with honors. But I still think of the little girl who was so down on herself because she felt “dumb” and got bullied for her big buck teeth, glasses, and frizzy hair. And you know what, she turned out okay! 

Writing is… a necessity. It helps keep all those voices in my head in check. Wait, having voices in your head is normal, right? RIGHT?! 

Reading is… magical! How else can you go on mythical adventures, solve a crime, go back in time, or have a meet-cute without leaving the couch? It’s all just a turn of the page away.

Books are… THE BEST! I recently moved to a different country and had to go through alllll my books. It was really, really hard! I donated most so they could have a good home, but there were some that I refused to part with. But no matter where my favorite books are–in London, in storage in NYC, or on a school bookshelf–they’ll always have a place in my heart.

Did you know… that I only listened to music that came out in 1989 while writing part of The Best Worst Summer? Since half of the book takes place in 1989, I had a special playlist of fun songs from that time. Full disclosure: most of it was the New Kids on the Block. Hands off, Joey! He’s mine! 😉 

You can find me… wandering tiny alleys and courtyards in London. Or you can follow my British adventures online at, Twitter: @ElizEulberg, and Instagram: @ElizabethEulberg.

One thought on “Get to Know… Elizabeth Eulberg!

  1. What a cute, fun post! Loved the humor! 🙂

    PS the teacher in me was thrilled that you had met with success and developed a love of reading AND writing!

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