Get to Know… Jake Burt!

My name is… Jacob Burt, but most folks call me Jake. 

I am a… children’s book author, fifth grade teacher, dad, husband, banjo player, ultimate frisbee enthusiast, gamer, and cinnamon roll aficionado. 

As a kid, I was… likely to be found in an arcade, shoveling quarters into a rigged Gauntlet console.

Writing is… my favorite thing to teach, because the moment a kid discovers her voice is the best magic there is.

Reading is… something I desperately wish I had more time to do; my author friends are churning out amazing stuff, and I want to read all of it!

Books are… still the single greatest escape.

Did you know… that CLEO PORTER AND THE BODY ELECTRIC is my first science fiction novel, based on the first pandemic I lived through? COVID is my second go-around with quarantine…

You can find me… in my classroom most days, but always on the web at, on Twitter @jburtbooks, or on Instagram at jburtbooks.

2 thoughts on “Get to Know… Jake Burt!

  1. I can’t wait to read this book–I’ve read his first two and loved them. I recently bought The Tornado.

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