World Read Aloud Day 2020

Today is World Read Aloud Day, a day in which we are encouraged to celebrate the benefits and joys of reading aloud to one another. I spent the day reading with kids all over the country (thanks to the magic of Google Hangouts and Skype!). This morning, before things got underway, I created this comic about just SOME of the benefits of reading aloud to kids.

Untitled_Artwork (5).JPG

You can neither be too young nor too old to benefit from (and enjoy!) being read to. It has been shown that infants just days old can benefit from being read to, and surely you know plenty of adults who enjoy (or are maybe even OBSESSED with) audiobooks. And those doing the reading aloud benefit too. For instance, it has been shown that kids can gain reading confidence and improve their skills even by reading to their dogs and cats! (Go on social media and search the hashtags #ReadToYourDogman and #ReadToYourCatkid, launched by the wonderful Dav Pilkey, to learn some more about this and see some heartwarming photos.)

How are you celebrating World Read Aloud Day? I hope it’s by reading and/or being read to!

~ Jarrett

3 thoughts on “World Read Aloud Day 2020

  1. I’m obsessed with your graphics! I love these, and agree! Thanks for being such a champion for kids and reading!

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