Get to Know… Alison Goldberg!

My name is… Alison Goldberg

I am a… writer, blogger, parent, organizer, artist, and aspiring rock climber.

As a kid, I was… really into making things, whether art projects, neighborhood newspapers, or plays. Once my friend and I spent a whole weekend building papier-mâché chairs that were strong enough to use.

I still love making things. Last year, my daughter had a fourth grade assignment to work on a family project inspired by Kate DiCamillo’s The Tiger Rising. Our family got a little carried away, and our tiger grew to eight feet…


Writing is… so often about details. I like to write non-fiction and research-inspired fiction. I find that one specific detail about someone’s life or an animal or a historical fact can set a whole story in motion.

Reading is… immersive.

Books are… journeys, taking us to many worlds.

Did you know… the board book edition of I Love You for Miles and Miles will be on shelves soon! Here’s a photo of my picture book’s adorable new little sibling, releasing on December 31st!

board book.jpg

You can find me… at (where I blog about activism in children’s literature), or on Twitter @alisongoldberg.

One thought on “Get to Know… Alison Goldberg!

  1. Whoa! That tiger is awesome! Is it still at school or does it live with you?
    Congrats on the board book. Lucky little readers!

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