Kids Need Books of ALL Kinds

Last week, in a hotel room in New Jersey, I drew some books on a piece of scrap paper and posted it on Twitter and Instagram. I captioned it as follows:

Kids need happy books, sad books, silly books, serious books, laugh-out-loud books, spooky books, books about people who are like them, books about people who aren’t like them, tough books, breezy books, long books, short books, books full of pictures, books full of questions….

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 7.39.32 PM

People expressed interest in sharing the image with their students, and even hanging it up in their classrooms or libraries. So I drew a neater version, with the sentiment behind the image included, in a way, along with the books themselves:


If you wish, you can now download a free, print-ready copy of your own at the ART section of my site. And if you print a copy and hang it up, please share! I’d love to see where my little doodle ends up. I’ve already gotten pictures of it hanging up in Maryland, Michigan, Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, and even over the northern border in Manitoba!

~ Jarrett





Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 4.02.08 PM.pngIMG_1597.jpg

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