Belmont Books Grand Opening

Yesterday I had the honor and pleasure of being a part of Belmont Books’s Grand Opening Celebration!


It was a great day, and a wonderful way to celebrate an excellent new independent bookstore. I ate some cake, bought some books, and signed a whole bunch of copies of EngiNerds. I also slipped some bookmarks and stickers into each of the books. When I left the store, there were still a handful left, but I’ve already gotten pictures from fans letting me know that they went and snatched copies up!

This is eleven-year-old Lena. Her mother assures me it was the busy day — and NOT my book — that put her to sleep.

Hurry to Belmont Books and get your signed, sticker-filled copy of EngiNerds while you still can!

You can also find signed copies of books by the other local authors who made appearances at the store yesterday — including kid lit superstars Josh Funk and Victoria Coe!


Happy Grand Opening once again to Belmont Books — an independent bookstore I feel very fortunate to have in my community.

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