Get to Know… Supriya Kelkar!

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I am… a screenwriter who has been on the writing teams of several Bollywood films and one Hollywood feature, and the author of AHIMSA (2017), THE MANY COLORS OF HARPREET SINGH (2019), and THE SANDALWOOD PYRE (2020).

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As a kid… I was afraid of a lot of things thanks to the power of writing. After writing a long research paper on sharks in fourth grade, I was nervous every day when I took a shower, even though I knew logically there was no way a shark was going to swim up the drain and enter the bathtub. After seeing Jurassic Park, I was terrified to take my dog out at night, even though I knew there was no way a velociraptor could really be hiding behind our pine trees.  And after I read a non-fiction book about poltergeists from our elementary school library, I never slept again.

Writing is… the way I process what is going on in the world today and a way for me to express myself and speak out.

Reading is… a way for me to learn about the world and myself.

Books are… home.

Did you know… I wrote the first draft of AHIMSA in 2003 and it was published over a decade and several revisions later in 2017?

You can find me… on Twitter @soups25 on Instagram @supriya.kelkar and at my website

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Want to more about Supriya’s upcoming books? Below are the acquisition announcements from Publishers Weekly.

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And just in case you haven’t seen it (or want to share it with your students this upcoming school year!), here’s the book trailer for AHIMSA: