Finally, at long last, after multiple delays due to supply chain and shipping issues, Snack Cabinet Sabotage — the second volume of my Hunger Heroes series of graphic novel chapter books — has arrived! If you preordered a copy, it should be landing on your doorstep (or the doorstep of your local independent bookstore) very soon, if it hasn’t already. And if you didn’t preorder the book, you can now find a copy wherever books are sold — or, in the case of libraries, loaned. As always, if you order copies of the book (and/or any of my others) from MY local independent bookstore, the Silver Unicorn, I’ll sign them for you and, if you want, personalize them, too. Click HERE to get to my books’ page at the Silver Unicorn site.

If you want to learn more about the book and see some of its interior, go and find me on social media (@Jarrett_Lerner on both Twitter and Instagram). I’ll be sharing more about and from the book there in the coming days.

Now excuse me while I go celebrate my superheroic crew with a taco or two!

~ Jarrett


It’s been a busy week for a certain group of superheroic ingredients…

I’m talking about the Hunger Heroes, of course!

Not only did their first book, Missed Meal Mayhem, come out, but I also revealed the cover of their second adventure, Snack Cabinet Sabotage. In case you missed it, here it is!

Snack Cabinet Sabotage will soar onto shelves next summer — on August 23rd, 2022, to be specific — but is available for preorder now wherever books are sold.

Thanks to everyone who has celebrated the (long-awaited, I know…) launch of this new series of mine. It’s been amazing to see reviews coming in, and to start receiving fan art of Mr. Toots, Chip Ninja, Tammy, and Leonard from kids. I’m so glad these characters and stories that have been cooped up in my imagination for so long are now out there in the world, filling the imaginations of my readers.

~ Jarrett