Get to Know… Heather Fox!

My name is… Heather Fox! “Heather” like the purple flower, “Fox” like the furry orange critter!

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I am a… doodler, a musician, a dog-cuddler, a Ravenclaw, a traveler!

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As a kid, I was… a lot like I am today! Adventurous, curious, silly–though I do eat vegetables more willingly nowadays.

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Drawing is… EXCITING! You can create anything your brain can imagine. You can tell stories through art, bring to life new worlds through drawing–anything!

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Reading is… relaxing. Sometimes I read books to calm me down when my mind is racing with thoughts, but sometimes reading keeps me awake for hours. There’s nothing better than traveling to a different realm right from the coziest spot on the couch.

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Books are… portals. As soon as you open a book you’re in a different environment that you get to explore.

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Did you know… I’m getting married to author Jonathan Stutzman on May 25th?! All of the books that I have coming out are written by him! It’s so fun being a creative team.

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You can find me… creating new stories with Jonathan, eating tacos, eating ramen, eating pizza, or planning my next trip to Disney World.

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Jonathan and Heather’s first book together, Llama Destroys the World, hits shelves on May 7th!