Jarrett Lerner’s Online Games!

In case you missed the announcement on social media, I’ve launched a brand-new online project!

Every Friday morning, I’ll post a creative activity or challenge on my social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Responses to the activity or challenge can be submitted as replies to the post itself. (They must be, in fact — I will not read or consider responses submitted by other means.) I will read and consider the properly submitted responses as they come in, and will continue to do so for each activity or challenge until I’ve posted the following week’s activity or challenge. And once I’ve done that, I’ll select and announce the previous week’s winner (or winners, if I decide that more than one response is win-worthy!). The winner will receive a signed copy of my first activity book, Give This Book a Title.

Also, please note: there are no age limits or requirements for entry. Kids can enter. Grown-ups can enter. Parents can enter on behalf of their kids. Educators can enter on behalf of their students. And, yeah, I suppose even kids and students can enter on behalf of their parents and educators!

The first activity or challenge will be posted this morning, in less than an hour’s time! So keep an eye out, or come find me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to participate. I hope this project proves fun, and that it helps reveal the creativity within every one of us and encourages people to more often share that creativity with the world.


~ Jarrett