Draw the Author Contest: Part 2 — The Winners!

In case you missed the announcement on social media, I wanted to share here that I have, after much difficult deliberation, chosen the winners of my second Draw the Author Contest!

What does this mean?

It means that Jacob and Josh will have their portraits of me published in Books 5 and 6 of my Geeger the Robot early chapter book series — becoming, as elementary schoolers, PUBLISHED ILLUSTRATORS. I can’t wait until they get to walk into a bookstore or library, pick a book up off the shelf, and see their artwork printed inside of it. It’s such an honor and pleasure to get to help make that moment happen.

Thank you, thank you again to the hundreds of kids who entered the contest. Every single drawing brought me a great deal of joy. And they were ALL wonderful in their own ways. Choosing just two was, truly, extremely challenging.

If you want to see the winning portraits from my last Draw the Author Contest, check out the first four Geeger books — Geeger the Robot Goes to School, Geeger the Robot: Lost and Found, Geeger the Robot to the Rescue, and Geeger the Robot: Party Pal. You’ll find a portrait drawn by a different kid in each book.

Congratulations again to Jacob and Josh! And stay tuned for more news about the next two books in my Geeger the Robot series!

~ Jarrett

2 Books on 2/22/22!

Today, February 22nd 2022 (2/22/22!), I have TWO books out. I know, I know — insert mind-blown emoji here. But anyway, the two books are: the paperback edition of The EngiNerds Strike Back (the third Middle Grade novel in my EngiNerds series, originally released in hardcover on February 2nd, 2021) and the paperback edition of Geeger the Robot: Party Pal (the fourth early chapter book in my Geeger the Robot series, originally released in hardcover on February 1st, 2022).

While the hardcover versions of these books have been available for one year and three weeks, respectively, these paperback releases are well worth celebrating. Why? Because paperbacks are cheaper! MUCH cheaper! This means the books will now end up in the hands of even more kids — which, of course, is the goal.

Look for the paperback versions of The EngiNerds Strike Back and Geeger the Robot: Party Pal at your local independent bookstore or the online retailer of your choice. As always, if you order copies of the books from my local indie, Porter Square Books, I’ll sign and, if you wish, personalize the books before the fine folks at Porter send them your way. (Click HERE to head to my page at PSB.) Also as always — and as goes not only for my books, but for any other creators’ traditionally published books — if you can’t find the books on the shelf, ask your bookseller! That’s what they’re there for. They can easily, and happily, get the books in, and by having them do so, you are supporting creators in a big way.


~ Jarrett


Today, the first day of the month of February in the year 2022, my next book — my TENTH book — is officially out in the world. And it seems appropriate that I’ve reached this milestone with this book in particular. It’s Geeger the Robot: Party Pal, after all. It’s a book about CELEBRATION.

But it’s not just me who needs to be celebrated today. We also need to celebrate Ariah Lowell, one of the winners of my Draw the Author contest, whose brilliant portrait of me appears in Geeger the Robot: Party Pal. Today, Ariah is officially a published illustrator! (Click here and/or here to learn more about the contest — and keep your eyes peeled for an exciting, related announcement coming in the next day or two!)

If you preordered the hardcover version of Geeger the Robot: Party Pal, you should be getting your copy today. Starting today, you’ll also be able to find the hardcover version of the book wherever books are sold. The paperback version, however, is slightly late to the party. Three weeks late, to be exact — which, in the publishing world, really is only a slight delay. If you preordered a copy of Party Pal, you can expect it on February 22nd. And starting that day, you’ll also be able to find the paperback version wherever books are sold. See below to learn a bit more about this fourth book in the Geeger the Robot series. And to learn more about the other books in the series, head to the Geeger the Robot page of this website (or click here).

Thank you to everyone who has supported this series of mine — and who has supported me and my work in general. You have helped get me here, to my tenth published book, and I am enormously grateful. Now, here’s the next ten!

~ Jarrett

. . .

In this fourth book in the Geeger the Robot series, we find Geeger on his way to a birthday party. And not just any birthday party. It’s a birthday party for his best friend, Tillie! But Geeger has never been to a birthday party before. And he’s a bit confused about why all the other guests have brought these boxes with them, each one wrapped in shiny, fancily designed paper. What are they? Was Geeger supposed to bring one, too? When Geeger realizes he’s made a mistake, his excitement about the party sours. Can he figure out what to give Tillie before she realizes he showed up empty-handed? Find out in Geeger the Robot: Party Pal, available wherever books are sold!