GEEGER THE ROBOT GOES TO SCHOOL — Now Available for Preorder!

Geeger the Robot_LERNER copyThe first book in my Geeger the Robot early reader series doesn’t come out for another six months, but just last week, both the hardcover and paperback editions (they’re releasing simultaneously) became available for preorder. Preordering is a GREAT way to support creators whose books you enjoy. It signals to their publisher that you are excited about their work, which can lead to increased support, and also lets booksellers know that they should stock — and possibly provide special promotion and/or in-store placement for — their latest offerings.

If you are interested in preordering a copy of Geeger the Robot Goes to School, you can do so from anywhere that books are sold. But if you REALLY want to offer your support (for me, in this case, or for ANY other book-makers out there), preordering from an independent bookseller is especially awesome. If you’ve got a local indie you prefer to shop at, that’s great! If not, you can use the wonderful IndieBound — click here to head to their page for the Geeger books — OR order from my local indie, Porter Square Books — click here to head to their page for the Geeger books. And if you order ANY of my books from Porter Square Books, I’ll swing by the shop and sign them for you before they get shipped out.

Thanks, as always, for the support!!!

~ Jarrett

Sleeker! Lighter! Cheaper!

Revenge paperback.JPG

If you simply haven’t been able to bring yourself to pay hardcover price for a book that has not one, but TWO farting creatures on the cover, you’re in luck! Starting today, you can get yourself the paperback edition of Revenge of the EngiNerds. It’s sleeker, lighter, and cheaper — but I promise, it contains the same amount of fart jokes as the hardcover version. Though, I suppose, it does contain more fart jokes per ounce . . . And more fart jokes per square inch . . .

In any case, the book is now available wherever books are sold. So if you’re interested, head to your local bookstore or preferred online retailer and check it out!


~ Jarrett

World Read Aloud Day 2020

Today is World Read Aloud Day, a day in which we are encouraged to celebrate the benefits and joys of reading aloud to one another. I spent the day reading with kids all over the country (thanks to the magic of Google Hangouts and Skype!). This morning, before things got underway, I created this comic about just SOME of the benefits of reading aloud to kids.

Untitled_Artwork (5).JPG

You can neither be too young nor too old to benefit from (and enjoy!) being read to. It has been shown that infants just days old can benefit from being read to, and surely you know plenty of adults who enjoy (or are maybe even OBSESSED with) audiobooks. And those doing the reading aloud benefit too. For instance, it has been shown that kids can gain reading confidence and improve their skills even by reading to their dogs and cats! (Go on social media and search the hashtags #ReadToYourDogman and #ReadToYourCatkid, launched by the wonderful Dav Pilkey, to learn some more about this and see some heartwarming photos.)

How are you celebrating World Read Aloud Day? I hope it’s by reading and/or being read to!

~ Jarrett

Yes, EVEN MORE T-Shirts!

I’ve recently been sharing a whole bunch of new free, downloadable, printable drawings on social media — all of which you can find on the Art page of this site. One of those drawings was this one:

meant to be

A number of people suggestively mentioned that they’d be interested in WEARING such a drawing (like, on a T-shirt…), so I worked with Custom Ink to launch another fundraiser.

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 4.35.03 PM.png

Once again, proceeds from this fundraiser will be put towards kids’ book access efforts.

Thank you, as always, for the amazing support!

~ Jarrett


I’ve been sharing some very exciting news on social media this past week, and figured I’d put it here, too, in case you missed it. The news is: MORE BOOKS! My Geeger the Robot chapter book series has been extended to FOUR books (and will then be packaged into a nifty box set!), and my Hunger Heroes graphic novel has been given a SEQUEL!

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 3.00.05 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 3.00.21 PM.png

The first book in the Geeger series hits shelves this August, with the second and third publishing in 2021, and the fourth coming out in 2022. I will be sharing publication date information about the two Hunger Heroes books soon.

A big shout out goes to my amazing agent, Myrsini Stephanides, who never bats an eye at my zany ideas. In fact, after laughing at me for a bit, she takes them all VERY seriously, and helps me get them ready to share with publishers. And another big shout out goes to the incredible team at Simon & Schuster/Aladdin, especially my editor, Karen Nagel, who pushes and challenges me in ways that help make my books about 100 times better than they would be otherwise. The second Hunger Heroes book will be my NINTH book, all of them published by Simon & Schuster/Aladdin, and thinking about that makes my head spin and my heart explode.

And one final big shout out goes to YOU — yes, YOU! If you are reading this post, you’ve almost undoubtedly supported me and my work in some way or another, and for that I am beyond grateful. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for helping me continue to do work that I love.

~ Jarrett

#KidsNeedBooks of All Kinds — Spanish Edition Fundraiser!

Last week, a third-grade teacher in a Spanish immersion school asked me if I’d ever consider making a Spanish language version of my Kids Need Books of all Kinds art. I thought it was a fantastic idea, and as soon as she assured me I had the right translation (!), I whipped it up.

Kids Need Books of all Kinds_Spanish

(And, by the way, you can now download a free, print-ready copy of that art here.)

Not long after I put the new art up on social media, people started asking whether they’d be a new, Spanish edition sale of T-shirts, too. I said that if there was sufficient interest, I’d work with Custom Ink to set up a new, Spanish edition fundraiser (Custom Ink requires a certain number of sales before shirts can print, so I needed to make sure). Well, the interest was more than sufficient. And so, here you go!

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 7.05.43 AM.png

The #KidsNeedBooks of all Kinds Spanish Edition T-shirt is now available! You can order it here. Thank you, thank you — a billion times over — to all who have shared and supported these efforts of mine. Together, we have raised over $23,000 to help eradicate book deserts and help get books into the hands of kids who need them most.

~ Jarrett

Geeger the Robot Goes to School!: Cover Reveal and Pub. Date!

I’m excited to share with the world the cover of my next book, Geeger the Robot Goes to School!, the first in the Geeger the Robot series!

Geeger the Robot_LERNER.jpg

This book is about friendship, the power of a good teacher, and discovering that making mistakes is nothing to be ashamed of, but is in fact a great way — if the the BEST way! — to learn. The book hits shelves on August 25th, 2020, but I’ll share more info about preordering soon.

I’d definitely be remiss if I didn’t give a huge, grateful shout-out to the ridiculously talented Serge Seidlitz, who created yet ANOTHER incredible cover for me (Serge also created the covers for EngiNerds and Revenge of the EngiNerds).

I cannot wait for you all to meet Geeger, his teacher Ms. Bork, his best friend Tillie, and the rest of the crew at Amblerville Elementary School. Oh yeah, and the Digest-O-Tron 5000, too! WEE-oOoOo! WEE-oOoOo! WEE-oOoOo!

~ Jarrett