Why Haven’t You Read These Books Yet?


If you read this blog even semi-regularly, you’ve probably heard of Stephan Pastis’s Timmy Failure books. If you read this blog semi-regularly, have heard of Stephan Pastis’s Timmy Failure books, and have yet to read them, you have made a rather large mistake. Fortunately for you, this mistake is easily corrected. And what better time to do it than right now, when the fourth volume of Timmy’s sleuthing has just come out?

If you need more convincing about these books’ greatness, you can read what else I’ve written about them here and here. But trust me – they are superb. And somehow, they only seem to be getting better. There’s nothing stale or throw-away about this fourth volume, Sanitized for Your Protection. If anything, it’s the best of the books yet. Pastis understands that it’s when you’re at your silliest that you can often be your most bighearted and profound, and he proves this again and again. With Timmy, you go from laughing out loud to feeling all the feels in an instant. And the knot-tight plotting? The punny chapter titles? The brilliant illustrations? Those don’t hurt, either.

Read these books. Get them for your kids. For your friends. For yourself. For your mother. It’ll give you a little community to commiserate with, seeing as we’ll all have to wait until October, 2016, for Timmy’s next adventure.

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