Brain Break

Sea-Turtles-HabitatA walk is best. A fifteen or thirty minute dose of fresh air and greenery. But sometimes the weather’s crummy. Sometimes you can’t leave your desk, you’re shackled to your screen. Even so, there are ways to get away. To take a little brain break and come back to your work feeling refreshed.

I like to watch sea turtles. Sure, I’d rather go and see them at the aquarium — or better yet, head to Hawaii and do some snorkeling right there with a few. But as a substitute, YouTube’s not bad. Just a minute or two watching these big slow guys float through the deep blue, and my head’s about as clear as it can get.

Here’s a three hour video of some sea turtles doing their thing, complete with a soundtrack straight out of a spa. Check it out, though maybe not all three hours of it — I’m pretty sure that qualifies as procrastination. But give your brain a little break. It’ll thank you.

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