The Greatest Failure


Are you a fan of:

1. detective fiction?
2. satire?
3. clever, intricate plotting?
4. subtle storytelling?
5. witty prose?
6. unique characters?
7. spot-on illustrations?
8. surprising moments of tenderness?
9. general hilarity?
10. polar bears?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, drop everything you’re doing and go get your hands on Stephan Pastis’s Timmy Failure books. The third volume of the founder/president/CEO of Total Failure, Inc.’s memoir just came out, and somehow, it’s even better than the two previous ones.

I don’t see how anyone couldn’t find something to love in these books. If that someone is out there, I’d venture to guess that they are profoundly troubled – and a good book (especially a good funny book) is some of the best (and cheapest) medicine you can get.

. . .

Click here to read a post I wrote after the first Timmy Failure book came out, in which I discuss Timmy and another great good/bad detective, Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gently.

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