Finding Nemo

This might piss some people off, including the me of the future if/when I’m digging through twelve-foot snowdrifts, but a part of me is really very excited about this storm.

I just can’t help feeling like a kid again . . . Refusing to get dressed until the last possible second, sitting with your face inches from the TV screen, watching and waiting until YOUR SCHOOL scrolls slowly across the bottom of the screen. You run and grab your mom so she can see, so she can stop nagging you to get out of your pajamas and pack up your stuff. You do a little victory dance. You go nuts.

Seriously, is there anything better?

Let me think . . .

Nope. Nothing better. Nothing in all of human experience quite like it.

And that’s coming from me, someone who didn’t even mind school that much. You could even say that I liked school (at least more often than not). But there’s just something undeniably awesome about an unexpected day off. And when it’s full of snow, too. Beautiful, beautiful snow.

(If you don’t have the day off of school or work . . . well, that’s crazy. And I’m sorry. But later tonight you can do your victory dancing and feel like a kid again.)

Anyway, I sincerely hope no one gets stranded or hurt, goes hungry, or encounters any other weather-related troubles. But if you’re ready for it, if you’ve stocked up on the essential supplies, getting snowed-in can be kind of wonderful. I for one am thrilled at the prospect of spending the weekend stuck inside with my lovely girlfriend, our pets, a stack of books, and, let’s face it, a subscription to Netflix and a fully-charged laptop.

To all the East-coasters: stay safe, stay warm. I hope you’ve got a nice cozy place to go to once the heavy snows and high winds arrive.

Flo, keeping cozy.
Flo, keeping cozy.

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